Superyacht without hydraulics

With the Majesty 120, the Gulf Craft shipyard presents a highly innovative model. Drettmann Yachts from Bremen introduces the yacht to the European market.

The Gulf Craft shipyard from the United Arab Emirates expands its super yacht portfolio with the Majesty 120 and explicitly targets the European and American market with this model. Drettmann Yachts from Bremen, European dealer welcomes this strategy, CEO Claudia Drettmann says: "120 feet or the equivalent of 37 meters is a popular yacht size in Europe. In addition, the fuel efficient Majesty 120 will have a modern interior design that will appeal to many customers".

As with the Majesty 140 and 175, Gulf Craft engaged the Italian designer Christiano Gatto for the interior design of the trideck yacht. He prescribed a very bright, minimalist interior for the Majesty 120, of which the first hull has been under construction since March 2019. Gatto: "The Majesty 120 is another result of the successful collaboration with Gulf Craft. The award we recently received for the Majesty 140 proves that we are on the right track".

On the outside, the new Majesty shows rather aggressive lines and the extensive use of glass, especially on the lower deck. Behind the look is a layout with five cabins for ten guests and voluminous salons and lounges. Gulf Craft also invested many hours of research to make better use of the deck space. The result: Compared to other yachts of her size, the 8.10 metre wide Majesty 120 has over 30 per cent more outdoor entertainment space.

A further highlight of the new, extremely economical Gulf Craft model is its technical equipment. With the exception of just a few components, the shipyard dispensed with hydraulic systems and replaced them with electric ones. Among other things, this applies to the stabilizers, the balconies and the passarelle.

Albert Drettmann explains the advantages of this development: "The elimination of hydraulic systems leads to less maintenance, fewer possibilities for mechanical failures and less noise. This system offers more comfort for owners and guests and results in less work for the crew, which ultimately results in better service".

The first Majesty 120 will be delivered next year.

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About Drettmann Yachts

Drettmann was founded in 1970 in Germany and is a family business focusing on the construction and sale of luxury yachts. Under the direction of Drettmann International, a total of 1500 newbuildings with lengths of up to 55 metres were built; in the 49-year history of the company, around 10,000 boats and yachts have been sold.

In 2017 Drettmann expanded its portfolio as the exclusive sales partner of the Gulf Craft shipyard for a large part of Europe, Russia and the Ukraine - another important step towards expansion and internationalisation for the Bremen-based company.