Five reasons why you should choose the team of Drettmann Yachts to sell your yacht


Selling a yacht at the best price requires outstanding market knowledge, a huge network and negotiating skills at the highest level. Under the direction of Yannick Altevolmer, the Drettmann Yachts sales team looks back on decades of experience and thousands of successful transactions in the yacht sector. Under our direction, 1,500 new yachts have been launched and over 10,000 boats and yachts have been sold so far in the past 50 years. We know every pitfall and detail in this complex industry. Sell your yacht with us and get the most out of it.


A yacht that is on the market must be marketed in a targeted manner. That's why the marketing team, led by Annabell Drettmann, places premium ads on all relevant international portals to ensure optimal visibility among yacht brokers and direct yacht buyers. We exhibit at the most well-known yacht shows and act as a partner at luxury events. Of course, journalists from all over the world are also informed about our latest yacht offers and on our social networks we keep yacht enthusiasts up to date.



We specialize in yacht sales and have built an extensive network of agents and brokers to effectively market your yacht. With our years of experience and broad client base, we reach potential buyers worldwide. Our extensive database of over 40,000 potential clients allows us to target interested parties and expedite the sales process. Entrust the sale of your yacht to us and benefit from our professional service covering all aspects of the sales process to achieve the best possible price for your yacht.


In cooperation with professional photographers and video specialists, we create a complete media package of your yacht to market it in the best possible way. The first impression is also very crucial when buying or selling a yacht. On our newly created YouTube channel you will find examples of recent video productions.

Yacht Service at Drettmann Yachts


Of course, we keep you informed throughout the entire sales process so that you have a constant overview. All activities and inquiries are documented by us, so that a dossier about the sale of your yacht is continuously created.

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Our track record

Our success speaks for itself, and the Drettmann sales team is used to it thanks to years of experience. Take a look at our current yacht sales to see which exclusive luxury yachts we have successfully brokered in recent months.


  • Bandido 75 | 23.60 m
  • Brokerage Sale


Elegance 84 New Line - Drettmann Yachts
  • Elegance 84 New Line | 25.60 m
  • Brokerage Sale


Horizon FD90 Yacht - Drettmann Yachts
  • Horizon FD 90 | 27.19 m
  • Brokerage Sale


Pearl 75 Yacht - Drettmann Yachts
  • Pearl 75 | 23.30 m
  • Brokerage Sale


Princess 40M Yacht - Drettmann Yachts
  • Princess 40m | 40.20 m
  • Brokerage Sale


Brokerage Sale Baglietto T-LINE 43m
  • Baglietto T-LINE 43m | 42.75 m
  • Brokerage Sale


Brokerage Sale Canados 86
  • Canados 86 | 26.00 m
  • Brokerage Sale


Sale Majesty 100 by Drettmann Yachts
  • Majesty 100 | 33.00 m
  • Sale & Construction Supervision


Sale Elegance 82S by Drettmann Yachts
  • Elegance 82S | 25.00 m
  • Brokerage Sale


  • Elegance 115 Dynasty | 35.00 m
  • Brokerage Sale

Azimut Grande 27 METRI

  • Azimut Grande 27 METRI | 27.00 m
  • Brokerage Sale

Azimut Grande 38 Trideck

  • Azimut Grande 38 Trideck | 38.20 m
  • Construction Supervision


  • Majesty 100 | 31.70 m
  • Sale & Construction Supervision


Drettmann Yachts - Princess 40M
  • Princess 40m | 40.20 m
  • Brokerage Sale


Drettmann Yachts - Sanlorenzo SL106
  • Sanlorenzo SL106 | 32.20 m
  • Sale & Construction Supervision


Drettmann Yachts - Sanlorenzo SD126
  • Sanlorenzo SD126 | 38.00 m
  • Brokerage Sale


  • Elegance 90 Dynasty | 27.40 m
  • Brokerage Sale


Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 90
  • Bandido 90 | 27.90 m
  • Sale & Constructor