Bavaria and Drettmann - a partnership based on experience

DRETTMANN YACHTS, the exclusive dealer in Europe of the shipyard Gulf Craft with its brands Majesty and Nomad, such as manufacturer of the own explorer range Bandido Yachts, has expanded its portfolio and is now a sales partner with the most modern shipyard of series production: BAVARIA YACHTS.

A Bremen-based family business, Drettmann continues to focus on expansion, increases its new yacht range from 29 up to 200 feet and is looking forward to a successful future.

BAVARIA YACHTS has been known since its founding as an innovation leader in serial yacht manufacturing. Over 40.000 sailing yachts and motorboats are manufactured on the shipyard of Bavaria Yachts in Giebelstadt, near Würzburg, Made 100% in Germany”. Four production lines, each 125 meters long, a carpenter’s workshop where the entirety of the yacht is constructed, two halls to manufacture hulls and decks, are accommodated on a large surface measuring 200,000 square meters.

As the first shipyard in the history of yacht building, Bavaria Yachts first introduced modern CNC systems in the production. The entire interior of a Bavaria yacht, from the wooden deck of solid wood to the complete pantry, is manufactured by the experienced boat builders of the company in its own carpenter’s workshop. Each wooden part of a Bavaria yacht is painted up to six times on its own painting line.

Bavaria Yachts is worldwide the most modern manufacturer of sailing yachts, motorboats and catamarans. A Bavaria yacht is the product of the perfect interplay between its individual components. At its forefront is the immense knowhow on boat construction, the engineering ingenuity and design. Today, it is possible to realise the entire range of this knowledge with a high degree of precision and quality. A combination of the best materials, fixtures and fittings, the best craftsmanship and a committed workforce results in something that is the hallmark of every Bavaria: the joy of yachting.


At boot Düsseldorf 2019, Drettmann Yachts will for the first time participate as exclusive sales partner of the motor yacht lines from Bavaria Yachts.

Founded in Germany in 1970, DRETTMANN YACHTS is a family-owned business that focuses on the construction and sales of new yachts, same as an respectable amount of pre-owned yachts under offer.

Like many other businesses, its success story also began in the garage with a trade of pre-owned and smaller new yacht brands.

The result is a brand recognized worldwide with an impressive history in yacht building.

Particularly with the construction of the Elegance- and Bandido series, the family enterprise achieved a worldwide success with approximately 1,500 new yachts have been built under the direction of the family company, and around 10,000 boats and yachts have been sold during the 49-year company history.

“We want to bring our experience gained over several years into the sector  and want to increase our offer of new yachts from 29 up to 200 feet. Thus we enthusiastically look to Bavaria Yachts. We are persuaded by its potential of the shipyard und are looking forward of the new partnership.”, said Claudia and Albert Drettmann.