New yachts from Drettmann

A new yacht has the great advantage that you, as the customer, can determine many details yourself in advance. Drettmann Yachts works with numerous shipyards around the world to realise this dream together with you - in particular Majesty, Benetti, Moonen, Nomad, Bavaria and Oryx are among the preferred addresses.

Bandido is even an own development of Drettmann Yachts.


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Majesty Yachts

Majesty Yachts impress with their size, elegance and equipment. The yachts in Majesty series measure from 48 to 200 feet.

The Majesty Yachts brand is an excellent example of this, delivering excellent semi-gliders and displacement boats made of GRP - and at a very good price-performance ratio. By the way, Drettmann Yachts supports every customer in all details of interior design. This ensures that the expectations of Drettmann's mostly European customers are realized on board.

The yachts are built in lengths between 49 and 175 feet at Gulf Craft in the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, their following extends across the entire globe.

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Bandido Yachts

The sea has always held fascination for people: infinite space, sun, wind and freedom.

Technically superb, suitable for voyages of discovery on the high seas yet luxurious and sporty – the Explorer yachts in the Bandido series ensure a unique yachting experience. Measuring from 80 to 148 feet, the Bandidos boast an innovative pod drive, an impressive beach club and lots of space.

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Nomad Yachts

Discover the finest cities and beaches in the world with our yachts.

This innovative collection features a series of yachts that are leisure destinations within themselves, designed for seafarers who enjoy long-range exploration with friends and family. Offering premium comfort, safety and ocean-going capability, the Nomad Yachts collection transforms yachting into a journey worth indulging in, ideal for sea voyagers who have a genuine appreciation for spending time on the water.

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Oryx Yachts

An Oryx for the next generation.

A combination of striking style and superior technology, the new Oryx 379 is the perfect sport cruiser both for first time boat owners and experienced alike.

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