Bandido 80

Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80



Modell Bandido 80
Hersteller Drettmann
Jahr 2024
Länge 23,90 m
Breite 6,76 m
Tiefgang 2,70 m
Gewicht 160.000 kg
GRT 160 t
Rumpf Stahl
Deck Alu


Motoren 2x electric POD e-POD,
Leistung 2x 250 kW (2x 340 PS)
Antrieb POD
Top-Speed (ca.)13 kn
Cruising-Speed (ca.)11 kn
Kraftstofftank 24.000 l


Kabinen 3
Schlafplätze 10
Bäder 4
Wassertank 2.400 l


Kabinen 1
Schlafplätze 2
Bäder 1

7.900.000 EUR


Standort Deutschland

Projekt Nr. DY20839

Über Bandido 80

There are many good reasons for the Drettmann to be present on all oceans of the world and that for quite a while and in increasing numbers.
These lines, with a quality Made in Germany, a perfect construction and stability in value were able to secure first places on the yachting market and in the hearts of many owners. To be continued: The new models are really new from scratch. Comfort, space situation and the engine has reached a standard that usually does not exist in this class and very rarely in the higher classes. Quite a quantum leap in respect of design,technology and performance.
But those, who would rather like to have their own visions realized, are well looked after at the Drettmanns. The Drettmann team develops individual dream yachts with selected and highly competent partners.

A Bandido Yacht is to explore – as the name says – and to actively enjoy the sea: while doing watersports, diving, in the Caribbean or up North.
According to this sportive character, there is a lot of space on board of this masculine yacht for tenders and surfboards, diving equipment and water toys. But sports activities do not mean to renounce comfort. In this respect the new 80 to148 models have improved exponentially compared to their well-proven predecessors.
Some features, such as the new interior design, the newly developed POD-drive or the again extended beach club may be mentioned without exaggeration due to innovations that create a luxury yachting experience as it has so far only been provided for much larger yachts.

Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80
Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80
Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80
Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80
Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80
Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80
Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80
Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80
Drettmann Yachts - Bandido 80

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