About Bandido Yachts

On the water the freedom of this world still seems boundless. Endless horizons, sun, wind and still unknown areas let you forget your everyday life and tickle the spirit of adventure in every owner and guest.

The Bandido Yachts brand was developed precisely for this experience: On the outside as an uncompromising explorer, on the inside with equipment that leaves no detail missing. Drettmann Yachts has unparalleled experience in this field. Under the direction of the Bremen based company, not only have 300 flybridge yachts been built to over 40 metres in length, but 25 explorers between 24 and over 50 metres in length as well.

Make your very personal Explorer dream come true with Drettmann Yachts! Without specifications and restrictions. We start with a white sheet of paper, if you wish!

Concept of Bandido Yachts

The design of your individual yacht is a matter of trust. Which length and which layout suit your requirements? Which features do you need for your travel plans and which not? The Drettmann Yachts team advises you on these questions with the expertise of 1500 yachts built and accompanies you from your first idea to the christening - and if you wish, also beyond that in the After Sales Service.

If you would like to get involved in concepts that have already been worked out, you are welcome to use one of our platforms, which have already proven themselves dozens of times on the water.  

Exterior design of Bandido Yachts

An explorer captivates by its robust exterior. Its construction survives almost any conditions and transports you safely across the oceans.

Compared to conventional yachts it impresses with an extraordinary volume and transports competence and understatement with its look. In addition to the proven Bandido designs from Drettmann Yachts, pure custom formats can of course also be realised.

By exchanging ideas with experienced naval architects and yacht designers, your wishes and ideas for a custom project can be visualised. There are no limits to the size. 

Interior design of Bandido Yachts

Inside a yacht you have endless possibilities to design the rooms nd cabins in such a way that you feel completely comfortable with your family and friends. Also in this segment you can fully rely on the know-how of Drettmann Yachts.

Drettmann CEO Claudia Drettmann has already advised countless owners on new buildings and refits. Together with her, you can create an ambience that is adapted to your personal activities - from spa to salon to your own suite.

Of course, you can also work out your Bandido yacht with your personal interior designer.

Technology of Bandido Yachts

On the one hand, Drettmann Yachts has been installing proven components for many years, but is also keeping up with the times and observing the latest technical developments.

The current Bandido 80, for example, is equipped with state-of-the-art ePod drives, which reduce fuel consumption and improve the manoeuvrability of the yacht. If owners want a hybrid drive, want to integrate solar cells into the superstructure or access an extremely complex entertainment system, these requirements will of course be met.

A Bandido yacht is perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Construction and building process of Bandido Yachts

If you decide to work with Drettmann Yachts, you are also opting for professional project management.

More than 1500 newbuilds speak for themselves and ensure that you receive your dream yacht at the precisely defined time and in the precisely defined quality. We only work together with European shipyards and only use proven suppliers. 

After Sales by Drettmann

Once you are underway with your dream yacht, the cooperation with Drettmann Yachts does not end.

On the one hand, of course, you remain connected with the company during the guarantee period, on the other hand the Drettmann team traditionally maintains a close relationship with each owner.

Whether you need driving training, two sun loungers for the sundeck, the ultimate tip for the best Konoba in Croatia or a new radar - Drettmann Yachts reacts quickly and easily to make your time on board as pleasant as possible.