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Plenty of space for plenty of fun. Whoosh over the waves at more than 35 knots (depending on the engine variant) and relish the feeling of freedom. Freedom through space – of which there is enough on the BAVARIA S30. Space for the front passenger, for example, who can relax and enjoy the airstream. And it is just as pleasant for the helmsman, who benefits from the ergonomic design of the helmstand.

A clever hull design and a high freeboard ensure safety and precise handling – as with all BAVARIA motor yachts. Because fun is guaranteed – for everyone on board.


Brochure Bavaria S30 Open (pdf / 3.8 MB)

Technical specifications

Length 8.76 m
Length hull 8.50 m
Width 2.99 m
Height above waterline 2.73 m
Draft 1.29 m
Draft (Drive raised) 0.68 m
Cabins / Berths 1 / 4
Height in cabin 1.85 m
People, max. CE B 6
Unloaded weight (approx.) 4,700 kg
Fuel tank 520 l
Water tank 120 l
Engine Type Mercruiser Bezin
Volvo Penta Benzin
Volvo Penta Diesel
Engine Power von 1x 300 PS (1x 221 kW)
bis zu 2x 253 PS (2x 186 kW)