A world premiere and trade show highlight: all eyes will be on the new Drettmann Explorer Yacht (DEY), not least because the 24 meter yacht comes from such a well-known company.

Once again the Bremen-based owner-managers Claudia and Albert Drettmann show what can be created with passion and dedication. The DEY 24 has a modern appearance full of innovations setting new standards in this class.

The 175 ton yacht’s diesel electric POD propulsion is easily maneuverable and is ultra-economical. For its size, it features a completely new room concept that integrates a generous beach club with a sauna and lounge area astern.

“The new propulsion is based on proven technology, which is being utilized for the first time worldwide in a yacht of this size. This means improved sailing enjoyment, simple steering, less maintenance, and greatly increased power. These are some of the wonderful innovations that we are very proud of,” explains Claudia Drettmann.

The masculine exterior design is immediately noticeable, but the interior is even more brilliant. The coordinated colors and materials are timelessly modern and elegant and do not sacrifice function or comfort. The range of selection captivates both connoisseurs of classic interiors as well as devotees to clear lines.

Success with History

The new DEY is the result of considerable experience and a passion for yachts which the Drettmann’s have demonstrated over decades – especially at “boot:” Since 1998, the Drettmann Motor Yachts (DMY) predecessors, the Elegance series – has thrilled visitors. Seven yachts were sold during its premier at the trade show. In addition, another DEY forerunner from the Bandido series premiered at the 2007 “boot.” It proved extremely successful from the very beginning and was purchased one day before the trade show.

A similar success is expected for the new series that Drettmann is currently offering in lengths ranging from 20 to 40 meters.

“After more than 45 years in the industry, the sale of over 10,000 ships – including 1,500 new construction projects up to 54 meters, we have enough comparisons to proudly say: our new yachts are state-of-the art today and timeless classics of tomorrow,” explains Albert Drettmann about the second generation Explorer and motor yacht series.